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. Update this biography » Complete biography of Blind Lemon Jefferson ». At that time, “he’d gotten so fat,” wrote SamuelCharters in The Country Blues, “that when he played, the guitar sat up on his stomach, the top just under his chin.

· Blind Lemon Jefferson. Boom Boom (From &39;Blues Brothers&39;) 3. in the music business who claims he never played the album. Matchbox Blues by Blind Lemon Jefferson This song was recorded many times, and has many verses, with many variations on the words in the verses, so depending on which recording you have, the verses will vary. “That Black Snake Moan,”Paramount, 1926. This is a comprehensive discography of Blind Lemon Jefferson, who was an East Texas –born and Chicago -based Texas blues musician. Blind Lemon Jefferson Septem by Amanda Smith Recently, I discovered that September is the birth month of Blind Lemon Jefferson, a tried and true guitar player and singer who is celebrated in the American folk-blues world. “Cheater’s Spell,”Paramount, 1929.

” In the slum areas of Dallas he emerged as the city’s most popular street singer. See full list on encyclopedia. King, and his recordings continue to awe listeners.

In the New Grove, British music writer Paul Oliver described Jefferson’s enduring vocal sound: “His voice was high, piercing the traffic noise, but could also have a low, moaning quality extended by ‘bending’ the notes on his guitar to produce crying sounds or imitative passages on the strings. He later released the songs ‘Long Lonesome Blues’ and ‘Got the Blues’which sold in large numbers. read more. Famously, Jefferson was a high-earner, considering the usual social barriers of the time, earning very well for himself. “Lemon sang things he wrote himself about life—good times and bad. Tracks A6 to B3 recorded 1927. i see no spindle marks, scratches or marks.

Blind Lemon Jefferson / Son House Blind Lemon Jefferson. . ’ In, the name of the cemetery where he was buried was changed to Blind Lemon Memorial Cemetery. Explore releases from Blind Lemon Jefferson at Discogs. “Match Box Blues,”Paramount, 1927. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and BLIND LEMON JEFFERS more from Blind Lemon Jefferson at the Discogs Marketplace.

He made seventy-nine records for Paramount in the 1920s, each estimated to have sold 100,000 copies; he also made two recordings under the “Okeh” label. Blues Masters Vol. ” Jefferson’s intricate and erratic guitar work followed broken-time patterns with standard four-four measures and tempo altered to fit spontaneous vocal lines or guitar. Blind Lemon Jefferson.

I liked hearing him play. Blind Lemon Jefferson, byname of Lemon Jefferson, (born September 1893, Couchman, Texas, U. Though sales of Jefferson’s records waned by the late 1920s, he continued to wear immaculate suits and employed a full-time chauffeur. Dust My Broom (From &39;The Wolf Of Wall Street&39;) 2.

Blind from birth, he. Blind Lemon Jefferson, a seminal blues guitarist and songster, was born on a farm in Couchman, near Wortham, Freestone County, Texas, in the mid-1890s. He was one of the most popular blues singers of the 1920s and has been called the "Father of the Texas Blues". The money he earned during that time enabled him to buy a car and hire chauffeurs. ” Around 1922 Jefferson married a woman named Roberta. There are also different spoken introductions. Released on the Yazoo Records Label in 1984. 3: Texas Blues,Rhino.

During his first trip to the studio in 1926 he cut his first side, “That Black Snake Moan,” in Chicago’s Paramount studio. Blind Lemon Jefferson was a contempory of Blind Blake Best Of Blind Blake who was recording in Chicago at the same time. Blind Lemon Jefferson "Blind" Lemon Jefferson (Lemon Henry Jefferson; Septem – Decem) was an American blues singer and guitarist from Texas. The Story of the Blues,Columbia, 1969. ” Over a half century after his death, Jefferson’s music still haunts list. Blues legend Blind Lemon Jefferson has been called the most influential bluesman in the history of blues singers. More BLIND LEMON Jefferson videos.

See full list on allmusic. Wolfe, Charles and Kip Lornell, The Life and Legend of Leadbelly,Harper Collins, 1992. ” In December 1929, Jefferson died of a heart attack and exposure on a Chicago street, reportedly after his chauffeur abandoned him and his automobile during a snow storm. She’d pour him a little taste. Jefferson is considered a musical idol by musicians such as B. Songs he released under his name include BLIND LEMON JEFFERS ‘Booster Blues’ and ‘Dry Southern Blues’which went on to become hits. This double-disc, 49-track set collects all of his essential tracks in one package. While his recording career was prolific but short--almost 100 titles fromhe became arguably the most popular blues singer in black America.

More BLIND LEMON Jefferson images. “That Crawling Baby Blues,”Paramount, 1929. He later started playing in East Texas towns in front of barbershops.

In October 1967 the Texas State Historical Society placed a plaque marking the resting place of one of America’s mos. His grave site is regularly kept clean by a Wortham Cemetery Committee. Blind Lemon Jeffersonbegan playing the guitar as a teenager.

While in Dallas in 1912, Jefferson joined up with an older musician, Huddie “Leadbelly” Ledbetter. King has always maintained that Jefferson was a huge influence on his singing and guitar playing. One night, while John Coltharp was devising this drink at Seven Grand, a song by Southern blues musician Blind Lemon Jefferson came on the jukebox. “Tin Cup Blues,”Paramount, 1929. His musical style was individualistic, and Jefferson&39;s singing and self-. People used to crowd around so you couldn’t see him. · Blind Lemon Jefferson, byname of Lemon Jefferson, (born September 1893, Couchman, Texas, U.

Country blues guitarist and vocalist Blind Lemon Jefferson is indisputably one of the main figures in country blues. “Broke and Hungry Blues,”Paramount, 1926. This LP was donated to our radio station by someone.

I&39;m A King Bee (From &39;Martin Scorcese Presents The Blues&39;) 5. King of the Country Blues,Yazoo. King of the Country Blues. Charters, Samuel B.

—John Cohassey. Mostly bad, I guess,” stated T-Bone Walker in Stormy Monday. The real, trail-blazing side of Blind Lemon’s story came in 1925, when he first got signed to Paramount. One of the earliest and most influential rural blues singers to record. Henry was brought up alongside seven siblings. Apart from his stunning and inventive guitar work, Jefferson authored many songs that found their way into the repertoires of musicians from John Lee Hooker to Bob Dylan. In 1910, he traveled to perform a lot in JEFFERS Dallas where he met blues musician Lead Belly with whom he started performing. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame listed one song by Blind Lemon Jefferson of the 500 songs that shaped rock and roll: 1927 Matchbox Blues.

BLIND LEMON JEFFERS Because of the company’s extensive mail order system, there were few African-American folk musicians from Texas to the eastcoast who were not aware of Jefferson’s music. Jefferson was discovered by a talent scout for Paramount Records while in Dallas and was taken to Chicago. Blind Lemon Jefferson, “The Father of Texas Blues,” was the best-selling malevblues artist of the 1920&39;s, recording 92 sides for Paramount Records and one released 78 for Okeh Records: “Black Snake Moan / Matchbox Blues”.

“Mosquito Moan,”Paramount, 1929. 1969 first pressing with silver lettering and blue label. Leadbelly&39;s “Blind Lemon Blues” was in honor of his friend. Blind Lemon was born in the Freestone County settlement of Coutchman, the blind son of Alec and Cassie Jefferson. Some of the songs he recorded were gospel songs such as ‘I Want to Be Like Jesus in My Heart’ and ‘All I Want is That Pure Religion. Sources differ as to the exact birthdate. His remains were buried at Wortham Negro Cemetery. Govenar, Alan, Meeting the Blues, The Rise of the Texas Sound,Taylor Publishing, 1988.

With a tin cup wired to BLIND LEMON JEFFERS the neck of his guitar, he played for tips on the streets, often performing slide guitar numbers, a technique which utilized a small metal or glass cylinder on a finger of the chord hand to produce voice-like chords and melodies. The condition of the jacket is. He was one of the most popular blues singers of the 1920s. “Southern Woman Blues,”Paramount, 1929. Jefferson later traveled through towns along the H & TC Railroad—Groesbeck, Martin, and Kosse—and around 1912 performed in the Deep Ellum section of Dallas. “See That My Grave is Kept Clean,”Paramount, 1928.

He had no formal music education and instead traveled from place to place in Freestone and Limestone counties, playing his guitar and singing songs, most of which were his own compositions. He was born blind. Lemon Henry ‘Blind Lemon’ Jefferson was born inSeptem, in Texas in the United States of America.

Blind Lemon Jefferson song lyrics collection. Born in Couchman, TX, in 1897, he was one of seven children. Blues jumped a rabbit, run him one solid mile Blues jumped a rabbit, run him one solid mile That rabbit set down, cried like a natural child. “Big Night Blues,”Paramount, 1929. Preachin’ Blues, Part 2. The number became a immediate commercial success and prompted the recording of many more sides. – December 1929) was an influential blues singer and guitarist from Texas. Jefferson produced an original, driving, unpredictably advanced guitar style and a distinctive booming high-pitched, two-octave voice that no one could imitate.

Preachin’ Blues, Part 1 4. While Jefferson sang and played slide, Leadbelly accompanied his younger. Blind Lemon Jefferson became a successful guitarist and solo male vocalistin the commercial world in the 1920s and 1930s.

Below is one version, followed by some of the alternate verses and intros. Blind Lemon Blues pays homage to the influence of Blind Lemon Jefferson, who emerged in the 1920s as the biggest selling country blues singer in America. For further information on Blind Lemon Jefferson see Blind Lemon Jefferson: His Life, His Death, and His Legacy (although available copies seem to be quite expensive).

Blind Lemon Jefferson was best known for his singing and song writing as a blues guitarist. In February 1926 Paramount released the 78 featuring “Got the Blues” and “Long Lonesome,” rumored to have sold over one hundred thousand copies. In 1926, he recorded for the second time but now under his name.

Years later, Leadbelly recalled, in The Life and Legend of Leadbelly, his experiences performing with Jefferson: “Him and me was buddies. The records appear unplayed. Blind Lemon Jefferson passed away onDecem, of acute myocarditis in Chicago. , The Country Blues,Da Capo, 1975. Tracks A1, A2 recorded April 1926. Blind Lemon Jefferson, Soundtrack: Lore. .

His body was brought back to Texas and interned in the Negro burying ground of Wortham cemetery. “Everyone knew what he was singing about.


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